• In with the old. Rekindled is a Rehoboth Beach, Delaware based secondhand clothing studio created for you, BY you. Our items are sourced from women and men all over in an attempt to re-home previously loved pieces that you no longer want to rewear.

  • As two bartenders in a seasonal beach town on the East Coast, the winter months consist of long and uneventful days. After a few glasses of wine and chatting about how we were going to spend those winter days, Rekindled was born! Rekindled began as an idea to create a space for women & men to make money on their nearly new clothes wasting away in the back of their closets.  The one issue most people have when wanting to list items for resale online? Not enough time. We thought, perfect - time was all we had, as well as the need to repurpose our own closets. 

Girls running on the beach at sunset in clothing from Rekindled Rehoboth Beach

Our Mission

At Rekindled, we strive to redefine sustainable fashion by providing a curated platform for pre-loved items. We believe in extending the life cycle of quality clothing and accessories, while fostering a community that values both style and sustainability. With a commitment to affordability, convenience, and mindful consumption, our brand empowers individuals to buy and sell fashion with a purpose. Join us on the journey towards a more mindful and stylish world.